Botox v Dermal Fillers: Which is Right for You?

In the quest of remaining attractive and youthful and to prevent wrinkles and onset of fine lines, Botox and Dermal Fillers have widely been preferred as non-surgical treatments. But how do you choose the right treatment for you and what are the main differences in these Anti-Ageing solutions?

First, Botox treatment is injected into the patient’s facial muscles to control and stop them from contracting that allows fine lines and wrinkles to fade away and the skin becomes smoother. This treatment is temporary, and it can be administered in varying doses with regards to the targeted area. This treatment is good for the patients who unwanted wrinkles and line are as a result of smiling, frowning and squinting. this is the ideal anti-ageing solution as it focuses on the facial muscles that are responsible for expressions and facial movements.

The corners of the mouth, areas under the eyes and areas in-between the eyebrows generally display the first signs of ageing as they become noticeable from far. Botox is the best treatment to apply in these areas as it smoothens the crown feet’s, expression lines and the frown lines on the areas between the eyebrows. The results of the treatment are visible for a period of three to six months. The treatment is almost pain-free apart from slight swelling and bruising which is normal.

On the other side, Dermal Fillers are used for temporary additional volume to areas around the face that have started to sag because of ageing. These products contain hyaluronic acid that helps to bind the elastin and collagen together. As a result, they make the skin to be more elastic preventing further volume loss and sagging.

Dermal Filler products can be used by patients who have deep wrinkles and lines or if there is a significant loss of skin volume because of ageing. These products can easily restore a person appearance as they improve skin’s appearance and restores youthfulness.

Most patients use Dermal Filers for lips treatment, areas around the eyes, cheeks and on cheeks and along the jaw lines in order to enhance the symmetry of the face. With regards to the area of treatment, Dermal fillers can last for one year, and the treatment is also almost painless.

It is always important to determine the best treatment with consultation with a board certified professionals while choosing Botox and Dermal fillers. However, the results of both cosmetic treatments are subtle and temporary. They don’t basically make a patient look different, but they make an individual to enjoy a more rejuvenated and fresher appearance.