Using Utovlan To Safely Delay Your Period

Period suppression using medication has become quite popular and many women opt to postpone their period for holidays, social and official functions among other varied needs. Unlike contraceptives, these pills only delay your period for a given number of days and are thus in high demand. Utovlan is one of the popular period delay medications available in the market. Here is a brief description of how to safely delay your period with Utovlan.

What is Utovlan?

As aforementioned, Utovlan is simply one of the many period delay tablets provided in the market. Its main acting ingredient is norethisterone, which is a form of progesterone, a natural female hormone that prevents the uterine wall from shedding like it normally does during menstruation. Norethisterone acts like progesterone and can delay your period for up to 17 days.

How to use Utovlan to Delay Your Period

Essentially, Utovlan comes in a 5mg tablet that should be taken at least three days before your period starts. You must then continue to take the tablets thrice a day for the duration you want to postpone your period. It is important to remember that these pills should not be used for more than 17 days as this can result in various side effects. The medication is not a contraceptive and only delay the shed off a few more days when it is almost due. The exact time in your cycle and how often you should use the pill varies from one person to another and will be determined by your doctor. Read through the information and instructions given in the packet leaflet.

Best Practices

Women on other progesterone medication have a higher risk of developing vein blood clots. You should stop taking Utovlan should you experience any of the following symptoms;

  • Swelling and pain in one leg
  • Breathing and coughing pains
  • Coughing blood and sudden state of breathlessness
  • Severe chest pain
  • Disturbed vision and hearing
  • Fainting/collapsing/epileptic seizure

Consult your doctor for nausea, fatigue, appetite loss, darker urine and vomiting. If you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, suffer heart failure, epilepsy, diabetes or asthma use this pill with a lot of caution. Obese women and those with a history of depression, migraines and women who smoke should also be very cautious when using Utovlan. Pregnant women, those who have once suffered liver trauma, breast cancer, jaundice and heart attacks must never use this period delay supplement.